Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Revisiting the Stars

My friend had a birthday earlier this month, so I used those cute little stars to make these for her!
November 2008 019
November 2008 015

Nothing fancy, but I'd never made a bracelet like that before. I'm going to try to make a couple more as gifts this season (time permitting), I got some really cool beads on Black Friday.

It takes two...

So, I finally finished my first pair of socks. And then, I was so excited, I went ahead and finished a second pair. Four successful socks! Woo! These were both patterns from the wonderful Mystery Sock class at Temptations.

These warm puppies are staying with me:
November 2008 064
November 2008 062
I learned a lot about my tension issues with this pattern. I lost my spots when I knit too tightly and ended up pulling it apart and starting over more than once. But, they're super warm and they both look the same, so I'll chalk them up as success.

Pattern two was much easier and sooooo pretty. And! I have enough yarn left to make a second pair... score!
November 2008 056

November 2008 052

Dig that wiggle?

Finally, a riff raff scarf I just finished. I'm feeling a little iffy about it, but I think the sparkle helps. I'm making another with the same yarns, hopefully I like it more....
November 2008 079
And my model looks fantastic in it!
November 2008 090