Thursday, October 7, 2010

The biggest craft project of my life

So, I didn't take much time to blog this summer. I guess that's pretty typical for summertime. Usually, my knitting takes a backseat. It's too hot. There's no good TV to watch while I work. It's nice outside and we keep busy.

This summer was a different story. There was a LOT of crafting going on. Not just by me either. I had lots of help and lots of support, and together we made lots of lovely accents and necessities for my wedding! I should have taken the time to showcase them here, but I was just a little preoccupied. So please allow me to indulge now!

First off, the invites:

From the outside....

... the front...

and inside.

My momma, grandma, aunt and Shannon worked their fingers to the bone to make these beeeeautiful!

Here are the favors. We picked Skittles, which may have surprised folks, but the colors matched well and... Skittles are yummy.

These M&M favors, complements of my sister-in-law allowed our guests to eat our heads!!


I made jewelery for the bridesmaids. Of course, I forgot to take real pictures... but this is the gist:

We refurbished some old stone columns that Nick had wanted to throw away and used them as our alter, topped with big boston ferns.


My awesome cousin designed, printed and folded lots of programs:




My aunt and mom did my flowers.



Cake by CakeDot

My mom decorated these flip flops for everyone


And finally, these are the table numbers. Each table had coordinates and a location, highlighted on the card.


All together now!

Scrap scarf

It's been a week of clean up and throw out. We got our new bedroom set on Tuesday, and in preparation, decided to get rid of some of the crap in the spare room. Nick cleaned up his Lego and finally threw out his PEZ collection. I de-stashed. I had noticed that my yarn collection was growing out of the two designated boxes, it was time. I finally got rid of all of the nasty acrylic stuff, the tiny odds and ends and the half dozen half finished doilies. It was both sad and refreshing. One of the results of the process was the decision and execution of this little lovely.

(I am referring to the scarf, not the cat)

He is thrilled, I promise.