Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What begins with "S"?

Apparently, everything I've knitted lately!

Oct 2009 048

Oct 2009 063
(and overly long Sleeves :))

Oct 2009 057

Simon! (I didn't knit him, but he's darn cute)
Oct 2009 054

And, my work in progress, Shawl!
Oct 2009 059

Hot, cold, yum!

It's my favorite time of year again. Even though it's been drizzly and gray these past few days, it's still beautiful out there with the leaves changing and flying. And it's also pumpkin and apple and pear time. Pear time? Oh, yeeeeah!

Last week, I got a chance to try my hand at making pear riesling sorbet. My goal was to replicate my favorite of Jeni's flavors. Mine turned out pretty different, but very delicious! I used this recipe I found in Ice Creams & Sorbets by Lou Seibert Pappas. I was surprised that the recipe called for heavy cream, but I was patient and followed the instructions and for once my sorbet turned out just like it was supposed to! The only disappointing part was that it froze up pretty hard, so it was best right out of the Cuisinart. Next time, I will find the recommended pear liquor to add in the end, which would keep it from freezing so much. Also, next time I think I might replace the pears with apples and the nutmeg with cinnamon. Yummy!

Oct 2009 006
My favorite kitchen appliance!

Oct 2009 001
Churn, baby, churn!

Tonight, in honor of the cold weather, and because I had a pile of potatoes that were about to turn ugly, I made potato soup. This was my third attempt at making potato soup for Nick and I think it was the most successful. I found the recipe on Tasty Kitchen, and since it called for both bacon and sour cream, I knew it would be a winner. It was. And, it made a ton, so we'll get to have it again soon!

Oct 2009 047