Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slippers, finished!

edit: i wrote this in January and neglected my blog for 3 months...

I'd been wanting to make these puppies for quite some time. In fact, I started on them once realized that I didn't actually have enough yarn to make a pair! Got any need for ONE pink, yellow and green house elf slipper, anyone? I didn't really like the color scheme I had started with anyway, so I started anew. I went with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes . I love the color selection and it felts up wonderfully! These slippers were for my momma who also thought the pattern was pretty cool when I posted it, so I hoped they would be a hit.

I really wish I had taken a picture of them pre-felting. Those suckers were HUGE. I was worried that they were still going to be boat-like after the felting. The pattern reassured me, however, that if they were still large after one round in the washer, I could just toss them in again. The pattern did not lead me astray :)

Venue 050
Awkward self-portrait of my foot - it's bad perspective, not freakishly huge ankles!

I was down at my parent's last night and my mom let me borrow these slippers to wear around the house. They're very warm and cozy. She confided that she wore them for a solid week, between Christmas and New Years.

Simon, in a scarf again

I didn't post any of my December creations because mostly they were gifts. I would hate to ruin a surprise! But, I had a very prolific month in knitting and have had to give my poor hands a rest for the past couple of weeks before diving into the next project (Super Cool XBox Scarf for Nick).

This is a scarf I made for Shannon, Wavy Orange (in my case pink) scarf, I hadn't really used Lion's Jiffy yarn before and was thrilled by how fast and easy it worked up. And it's sooo warm! I think she appreciated it much more than my model did. Also, apologies to Shannon for any cat hair left behind :)

Venue 003
The was long enough, I could probably have wrapped the entire cat.

Venue 005
Ooo wavy!