Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simon, in a scarf again

I didn't post any of my December creations because mostly they were gifts. I would hate to ruin a surprise! But, I had a very prolific month in knitting and have had to give my poor hands a rest for the past couple of weeks before diving into the next project (Super Cool XBox Scarf for Nick).

This is a scarf I made for Shannon, Wavy Orange (in my case pink) scarf, I hadn't really used Lion's Jiffy yarn before and was thrilled by how fast and easy it worked up. And it's sooo warm! I think she appreciated it much more than my model did. Also, apologies to Shannon for any cat hair left behind :)

Venue 003
The was long enough, I could probably have wrapped the entire cat.

Venue 005
Ooo wavy!

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