Saturday, January 31, 2009

Put a lid on it

I've been knitting a lot lately but I got too busy to take photos! Found a good deal on Lion Brand Jiffy, so I whipped up these caps to keep me and my honey warm.

Crafts 024
Nick in his new cap.

Crafts 020
My new cap.

Crafts 018
Caps (couldn't get the size right for the big headed dude).

Crafts 022
My cap with matching wrist warmers.

I also got a little beading done today. Like every other bracelet I've ever tried to make, this required two revisions before I was happy enough with it to wear. My mom bought me the really cool frog pendant. It's a Safe Journey frog and I love it.

Crafts 008

Crafts 011

Hopefully some more sock knitting will occur in the not too distant future :) I blame my new distraction, the Wii, for taking me away from my more productive hobbies. It's worth it though, to spend some time throwing plungers at rabbids.