Monday, June 1, 2009

Gifts for birthdays (and for me!)

I've been wanting to make this necklace for a while now. In fact, I bought the pearls at a thrift store some time last summer, with something like this in mind. So, when my pearl loving friend's birthday came around this year, I knew just what to make!
May 2009 006
The set...

May 2009 007
Necklace detail

May 2009 003

Also noticed that the lighting/my camera suck for these. Bummer.

And here's what I made for myself:
May 2009 010
They all look much better in real life. :)

Finally, just because... my future sister-in-law showed me some sweet stitch counters she got on Etsy, and the obvious dawned on me, and I happened to have an adorable glass bead I'd been holding on to for no particular reason, and because I'd been using a small piece of blue yarn to mark my stitcues instead, and because... oh, bother... I made these:
Stitch 010
(gotta start taking nicer photos)

1 comment:

Liz said...

You can borrow my camera for photos if you want!

And I think you should make stitch markers to sell on etsy. You're beadwork is always soooo nice!