Saturday, March 7, 2009

My new toy

I was very excited to receive an awesome birthday gift from my sweetie - the Amazon Kindle 2. Before I could take it to work and show it off though, I had to make a cozy for it!

March 09 061

Isn't it nifty?? (The Kindle, not the cozy)
March 09 059

My friend Jess also got her sweetie a Kindle (copycat!), so I made hers a cozy too...
March 09 065

I've been sticking with quick and easy projects lately. I hit another wall with my sock knitting when my crazy kitty jumped on my knitting bag and somehow snapped two of my harmony needles in half! The pieces even flew across the room! I ordered a new set, along with some yarn which should arrive any day now. Darn cat.

Here's another short, sweet project, another pair of wrist warmers for my cold handed aunt.
March 09 072
Now, I just have to get them to her before it gets too warm to wear them!

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