Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bathingsuit Body by October?

Probably not. But, it would be nice to loose a few pounds before our impending vacation. Fortunately, my fantastic fiance ordered an exercise bike from Amazon over the weekend (we've been looking at them for almost a year!) and I'm putting it to use already.

It's sweet.

I read this book a few years ago, where the girl, who incidentally was a witch, tracked her miles on an exercise bike and plotted them on a map so that she could pretend she was biking across the country. I don't really remember the particulars of the book, but that detail struck me as a good idea. I rode for half an hour after work last night and half an hour this morning. I'm heading west right now, but I might retrack it toward the south and see how close I can get to Florida before we go there for real in October. As it stands though, I'm 16 miles out already! Fun stuff!

I like how Google maps lets you create your own maps. I can even add a new line for each day and save it as the date to show progress. Super neato, as long as doesn't decide to crash my Vista "infested" laptop. Oh, and I can also play DS or read or knit while I ride, which is even more awesomeness. I played Tetris both times so far, and found that when the pressure is on, I pedal faster. I need a life.

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