Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day dreamy

© estesnet Look at those sweet faces!

We went to a big old, gun-slinging, dog-racing, junk-selling, deal-making swap meet/flea market over the long weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, made a few purchases (an old wooden rolling pin that won't stick to my sugar cookie dough), a couple of vintage knitting magazines and a skein of the softest yarn in existence. It's 100% Ohio grown and processed alpaca yarn from a critter named Pistolero. Nick got to get up close and personal with some of the animals and we chatted for a bit with their owners.

I've been joking for a while now about my plans for getting an alpaca of my own when we have our big house in the country. Nick has kindly humored me and basically given me the "Yes, dear" answer. He's not much of a country boy, and although I have 8 years of 4-H under my belt, I still have limited hands-on experience with livestock. I'm happy to say that after our meeting with the owners of Swisher Creek Farm, my dream might be one step closer to reality. Nick fell in love with the sweet pair alpaca that were visiting the swap meet. We learned that they like cold weather, are relatively low maintenance and don't take up too much space. Since then, we've been daydreaming together, looking at the cost of land, animal behavior and other details of alpaca ownership.

I don't know if it will ever happen, but I would love it if it does. I want alpaca and bee hives and a library job. My dream life. It's good to have dreams.

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