Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new kind of stash!

Craft Stash

My yarn stash has been getting a little out of hand over the past couple of years. I'm usually pretty good at buying for specific purposes and can follow through with what I've started, but that doesn't mean that I'm not left with lots of odds and ends. I have no idea what to do with most of these tiny bits, but I feel confident that inspiration will strike at some point, or that I will need three feet of lime green eyelash yarn for some project or another and then, oh, boy, I am covered!

Now, with the help of ebay, I am running into another kind of problem. Fabric stash! I'll admit, before I even got my sewing machine, I already had a few remnants (illustrated above) from various projects and good deals.

Stash 020
This fabric, for instance, was marked down to less than a dollar per yard and I bought it because the colors matched my old apartment. Now, it happens to match my craft room! What shall I do... curtains? Pillows? A throw? It's kind of stretchy and odd, so it may be a challenge, but I suppose it's better to get practice from it than to leave it balled up in a drawer!

Stash 029
And then, of course since I got the machine, I got some fabric for a large bag I'd like to make at some point...

Stash 017
And, back to the ebay situation... the other night, I got a little bid happy and ended up with 18 new fat corners! For the low, low cost of $24! That's pretty good, as far as I know - they're $2 a pop at JoAnn's!

I've been inspired by Quilt Month on Sew, Mama, Sew. They've posted a lot of great tips for newbs like me! Now, I just have to pick a design and jump in. Maybe I won't have so much of a stash once that's done... maybe.

Stash 009Stash 011
Orange, black and green!

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