Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Job!

So, I am finally able to publish the posts I wrote over the past month about the interview process, the nerves and anxiety and excitement.

It didn't help that I was really uncomfortably sick on Friday. I think part of the reason I got sick to begin with had a lot to do with stress. I bought vitamins yesterday and am going to try to take them and get my immune system back in shape!

I put in my two weeks on Friday. I knew that it was going to be sad, and it was. It's going to be a busy couple of weeks, making sure all of my responsibilities are handed off safely and getting through the day to day basics. I still don't quite believe it, to be honest. I have never been at a full time job as long as I've been with my current job. It really does feel like my second home (which is both good and pathetic at the same time). I keep thinking about 4 year phases... high school, college, job! It has been a great experience and I think that I've grown up a lot in my position. I am better at making decisions on my own, I am better at saying "no" when I have to (thank you, sales reps), I am more confident in dealing with people and I think of myself as a grown up finally, instead of a naive kid.

I am nervous about starting all over in a new place. Luckily, the people there have already proven to be kind and interesting. While talking with my future boss, I feel engaged and excited to get my hands dirty. It's going to be intense at first, I think. Two weeks of training and I'm expected to be up and running in 30 days. First and foremost, I have to learn to use a Mac! Yikes! :)

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