Monday, August 11, 2008

Because it's cool - PMOG

It's no secret, I spend a lot of time bumbling around the internet, reading blog feeds, news stories, links from friends. I think of the firefox as one of my pets. If you're big on wandering around the web too, PMOG is a really cool (and fun) way to discover new things.

To play the game, you install a little tool bar in your browser and take off around the internet. You get points for visiting new web pages, find portals, missions and other items hidden on sites by other players and can create your own missions (quite easily) by placing lightposts on your favorite sites. Other players have created a number of tutorial missions (get points and learn about the game!) to help get you started.

Once you figure it out, check out my two, small, lame-ish missions and let me know what you think! :) (The NSFW tag is just because there's *gasp* alcohol involved :))

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