Monday, August 11, 2008

So long, orange sofas!

Yesterday was a rather sad day in the life of Drea. I bid adieu to my best ever thrift store find, my orange sofa and love seat. These hideously lovely pieces of furniture were the focal point and source of great comfort during my two year stay at Heritage Apartments.

My place 013

The reality of no longer having my own place is starting to set in. Sure, I was rarely alone even when I had my apartment, but it really was my little haven. Coming home to those brightly colored rooms always made me feel better. It was so completely my own, my style.

Nick is giving me some creative freedom with the condo, but his tastes are far more subdued than my own. I'll admit, I've had my fill of pepto pink bedrooms, but just you wait and see. I'll find a way to sneak "Blues Clues" blue, alien green and rusty orange in to my new digs.

Goodbye my lovely corner of the world...

My place 020
The front door, the creepy, view obscuring bushes, in which I once found a drunk, pant less man.

My place 018
The hat box, Frank Sinatra themed girlie bedroom. Many thanks to my mom,
wife and Rach for helping with the accessories here.

My place 016
My office with kick-ass shelving added by my dad.

My place 014
The kitchen/living room/dining room, where I spent most of my time

My place 011
The tiny kitchen which Steph helped me paint and decorate

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